Black'N'Deather is a live Black Metal broadcast, formerly at Brutal Existence Radio (R.I.P. August 2016), now at - each Thursday, 20:30 - 01:00h CET / 2:30 - 7 pm EST (open ended).


Black'N'Deather is a live metal broadcast, with my humble self, ie. DJ Herr Ginsterbusch, with main focus on Black, Viking and Pagan Metal. It started out at Brutal Existence Radio, where it was being streamed live since February 2010.

Starting August 25th of 2016, the show will be broadcasted live at, where I've been already doing my Rumbustion show (EBM, Industrial, Powernoise) for a few years since mid 2011.


A lot of my shows have been recorded, and quite a few have already been uploaded to Mixcloud. A few older ones are going to follow during the next few months.

Latest playlists will be posted here, too - but only on request.


We are still using the old BER chat, available via - essentially an IRC channel on

The following instructions are for users who prefer to use a different or locally installed IRC client over the use of KiwiChat:

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