Black'N'Deather is a live Black Metal-focused broadcast; each Wednesday, 4 - 6 pm EST / 22:00 - 00:00h CET at Metal Devastation Radio.


Black'N'Deather is a live metal broadcast, with my humble self, ie. DJ Herr Ginsterbusch, with main focus on Black, Viking and Pagan Metal. It started out at Brutal Existence Radio, where it was being streamed live since February 2010. Next on, it moved to, which sadly had to close down in July 2017 thanks to too high monthly costs (mostly German licensing issues; fuck you very much GEMA & GVL!).

From mid of July till aprox September 2017, the show was being broadcasted live at; still on Thursday, still from 3 - 7 pm EST / 21:00 - 01:00h CET, too.

After that, I moved the show over to Metal Devastation Radio, and also changing BOTH the day AND the duration at the same time; till then, it was always on Thursday, no matter what. Now its moved to Wednesday, 4 - 6 pm / 22 - 24h CET; essentially to the same time when my personal favorite show, House of Pain, at FM4, has been regularly broadcasted for the last 20 years or so. It still is, but after its a pre-recording, I dont miss out much.



Currently preparing the relaunch of this site. I'm next to done, the only thing left is improving the mobile / small screen support :)


Another switch; this time over to Metal Devastation Radio. This has actually happened in late September, but I didnt have had the time yet to properly update the official site.
BTW: Hopefully, there is gonna be a PROPER site in 2018, not just this wiki interim placeholder ;)


Station changes. is closing down on July the 17th, and this show is moving over to RadioRockFM, including a few other former shows from Gruftiradio.

That's that, and then there is a slight change in the regular times: 3 - 7 pm EST / 21 - 1h CET instead of 2:30 - 7 pm EST / 20:30 - 01:00h CET. Easier to remember, and better for work, life and so on :)


Got me some new flyers made. Well, actually they've been around for two weeks, right before I went to the Maschinenfest 2k16, but still :)

Flyer PreviewComments
Second try
First try
Somehow the scaling of the background image went awry, so I redid it with a different background image. Turns out I accidently used the wrong format, ie. DIN A6; 'twas an overnight job and I was already tired out from work :)
Note: This actually might make it as a reprint when I'm out of flyers in a few months.
Final version, DIN A7Final version, DIN A7After noticing the above format issue, I took out the original draft and redid the whole thing for DIN A7. Went into print just a few hours later :)


Tune In Live

To tune in live, either head over to and use the player or one of the links for your audio player (eg. WinAmp or Windows Media Player).
IF you are tuned in by mobile phone, either use the TuneIn OR the Audials Player app and search for: gruftiradio ;)


Mostly using the MDR chat nowadays, which lets you easily create a profile (yes, another registration form, but you may just login with your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account, and thus essentially skipping that part).

We are also still using the old BER chat, available via - essentially an IRC channel on

The following instructions are for users who prefer to use a different or locally installed IRC client over the use of KiwiChat:

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