The lost gems of BER / Schedule

The schedule of former Brutal Existence Radio shows, all bundled together, sorted by week day and up-to-date. ;)
Note: All times are EST-USA, additionally CET/Central European Timezone) plus GMT (for UK listeners).

Timezone note

:!: Attention: As of now (2017-10-29) you have to remove ONE HOUR of the CET times, because the DST is still in effect in North America (primarily US and most parts of Canadia), because Europe switches back to regular time a few weeks earlier!


ShowStationWeekdayTimes in EST/USACETGMT
Merciless Onslaught w/DJ Hellpreacher @ listen2myshow Tuesday 10pm - 1am04:00 - 07:00
Wednesday morning
3 - 6 am
Wednesday morning
Black'N'Deather w/DJ Herr Ginsterbusch Metal Devastation Radio Wednesday 4- 6pm (open end)22:00 - 00:009 - 11pm
The Lair Lounge w/DJ Cryptos Grimm Nuclear Rock Radio Wednesday 10pm - 1am04:00 - 07:00
(Thursday morning)
3 - 6 am
(Thursday morning)
Full Shred Ahead w/ Beau @myl2mr Friday8 - 10pm02:00 - 04:001 - 3am
Metalmarks Vault w/DJ Metalmark @ listen2myshow Friday 10pm - 1am04:00 - 07:00
(Saturday morning)
3 am - 6 am
(Saturday morning)
The Wastelands w/The Wanderer @ myl2mr Saturday 3pm - 7pm21:00 - 01:008pm - 12am
Audio Aggression w/DJ Metalmark @ listen2myshow Saturday 10pm - 1am04:00 - 07:00
(Sunday morning)
3 am - 6 am
(Sunday morning)
Diabolus Templum w/Miss Holly Fox Metal Devastation Radio Sunday 6 - 9pm24:00 - 03:0011pm - 2am
Crestfallen w/ Kev @ listen2myshow Sunday 10 - 12pm04:00 - 06:003 - 5am
(Monday morning)

Honorable mentions


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